Driver Education is a foundation course, teaching the theory of responsible driving. Emphasis is placed upon introduction of the mechanics of driving, execution of most driving operations, and a thorough understanding of the rules of safe driving.
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Our six hour Behind-the-Wheel program with certified instructors offers the student a variety of driving experiences in a controlled, safe environment. Driving experiences include city, rural, Interstate, and – the dreaded – parallel parking practice!
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Learn to drive from our expert Louisiana driving instructors.
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Effective September 4, 2018 all teen/adult students will need a TIP prior to first day of class. 

This TIP is state issued and you can't start a class without it.

Adults will need:

Birth Certificate or Passport

Social Security Card

Visa if not an American Citzen

Teens under 18:

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Enrollment form from High School you attend

One custodial Parent with Drivers License





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